Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Not Guilty

I love the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial. I know a lot if not most people will disagree, and I welcome any comments to support your feelings about it, however, let me at least justify my own.

To preface. We live in a faith based society. So much is taken as absolute fact in America, based on nothing more substantial than the idea of "I believe." It is so much a part of who we are that most things about daily living are taken as pre supposed fact with no evidence of support beyond that simple sentiment.

I for one believe nothing. I either know, or I don't know. That simple. No amount of anyone...and I truly mean ANYONE, can convince me of fact no matter how strongly they believe anything, without some point of evidence to support that belief.

So many people believe that Casey Anthony is guilty of murdering her child. They may even be right. But to condemn a person to death based solely on belief is the greatest of injustice. How many people in our American History have been condemned to death simply because someone believes they are guilty?

The fact remains that beyond belief...nothing was provided to actually PROVE her guilt. No evidence was ever presented that proved beyond doubt that not only did she murder her child, but she did so with forethought and pre-meditation. No piece of undeniable evidence ever came forward that proved beyond doubt that she even accidentally killed her child. She may have, but the evidence that she DID either does not exist, or was never presented.

I cannot in good conscience condemn a person to DEATH...based on what I or anyone BELIEVES. It was written and stands that for a conviction, the crime must be proven BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT. Prosecution did NOT do this. I am actually glad that there were people on the jury smart enough to understand the difference between knowledge, and belief.

Faith is NOT nor should it EVER be considered strong enough evidence to provide conviction. If Casey Anthony is indeed guilty of the crime, then the fault of the conviction lies with everyone responsible for providing actual tangible evidence, and presenting that to a jury. It is not the fault of the jury for recognizing that the evidence was never presented.

I truly felt a moment of hope for reasonable people everywhere, that in this case, twelve people sitting in a box were able to recognize the difference between faith and knowledge.